North Carolina Drug Card Presents Donation to Duke Children’s Hospital

On March 27th, Sharon Davis and Connie Craig, North Carolina Drug Card Representatives, presented a check to the Duke Children’s Hospital. CMN Coordinators, Karen McClure, Kelley Partner and Zac Griffin, were pleased to receive the check donation in the amount of $19,285.00.

Sharon and Connie attended the ‘Celebrating our Superheroes’ event.  Initially, they introduced each CMN partner and told a little bit about North Carolina Drug Card and how we are designed to assist those individuals that are underinsured or uninsured with prescription medications. It was a great opportunity for other partners to learn more about us and what we do.

Next, they heard from a mom with her daughter that underwent a liver transplant as an infant.  She spoke highly of Duke, the physicians and staff. Not only had her daughter been a patient but she also has a son that is a former patient diagnosed with cancer at a young age.  Needless to say, the representatives found this very moving.  They were able to see how much their hard work helped not only those struggling to pay for high cost prescriptions, but also for the children at Duke.  The mom told her story of gratitude and they felt so proud of having been a part of helping! North Carolina Drug Card representatives were truly inspired and have since shared her story and pictures with their pharmacies so that they will also know that they play a huge role in helping us give to Duke Children’s.

*Donation amount represents total donations since 2016

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