Kentucky Rx Card Presents Donation to Kentucky Children’s Hospital

Shonna Anthony, Kentucky Rx Card Representative, presented a check to Kentucky Children’s Hospital.  Ms. Lori Donaldson, Corporate and Community Relations Manager, was pleased to receive the check donation in the amount of $4,433.50.

As Shonna’s son was a patient at this hospital, it was particularly special for her to tour the hospital and see how Kentucky Children’s Hospital is able to leverage the donations to help fund life-saving equipment, charity care, research and more.  Kentucky Rx Card is committed to helping Kentucky Children’s Hospital raise funds that will help provide care for those children in need of medical attention.  A donation will be made to your local CMN hospital each time a prescription is processed using the Kentucky Rx Card.

Since 2015, the United Networks of America partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has raised over $2.4 million dollars for local children’s hospitals. Of this, $4,433.50 has been raised for Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

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