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Aiden and the Big Check

First stop in the day in the life of a champion? Accepting a check for almost $3,000. No big deal!

Aiden had the opportunity to accept a check from Tennessee Drug Card, one of our newest CMNH partners here at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, alongside Children’s CEO, Don Mueller, and a representative from the Erlanger Foundations, Alyssa Cooper.

The Tennessee Drug Card Program is a free prescription drug card that provides significant discounts to its users at drug stores nationwide including CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, and more! Each time the card is used, a donation is made to the local children’s hospital. It is simple, confidential, and can provide relief to those with or without insurance.

Tennessee Drug Card has already donated thousands of dollars to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger alone. Nationwide, over one million dollars have been donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through the use of these state prescription drug cards!

Upon receiving the check, Aiden only had one question: “Is this the real check you take to the bank?”